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Adams Inn Hotel

adams inn hotel

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  • 6th President of the United States; son of John Adams (1767-1848)

  • a mountain peak in southwestern Washington in the Cascade Range (12,307 feet high)

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Mt. Adams from Takhlakh lake

Mt. Adams from Takhlakh lake

Takhlakh Lake with Mt. Adams in the background and in the reflection.

Electric and people powered boats only on this large alpine lake north of Mt. Adams and just two miles off a nice paved forest service road from the dusty bumpy section of FR 23.

Friday September 12th I drove from Randle, Washington down Forest Servie Road 23 that follows the Cispus River. I took a side trip to Takhlakh Lake to view Mt. Adams and the Adams glacier from the lovely alpine lake. I next stopped for a brief moment to photograph Council Lake, before taking the 2 mile narrow, winding, interesting, and fun "detour" around the closed portion of FR 23. Once on FR 90 I regained FR 23 and headed on into Trout Lake. There I bought hamburgers and fries and loaded them into a soft pack insulated "ice cooler". With another ice chest brimming with ice, root beer, mango/orange juice, Pepsi, and bottled water - - I made my way to the intersection of FR 23 and the Pacific Crest Trail.

I arrived and hour earlier than planned to pick up my brother, his wife, and another couple - - who were completing a 64 mile 6 day backpacking trip from White Pass (where I let them off the previous Sunday). They were an hour early also, so we arrived at our meeting spot within 10 minutes of each other. They wasted no time at all chowing down on the hot food and cold beverages.

These are photos I took with my Canon G9 on the way to pick them up.



Adam dricker te ur sin Adamservis.

adams inn hotel

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