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Good Hotels In La

good hotels in la

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The Tearoom, La Rosa Hotel, Whitby, North Yorkshire

The Tearoom, La Rosa Hotel, Whitby, North Yorkshire

It is housed in a beautiful early Victorian building on West Cliff in Whitby with amazing views out to sea. Number 5 East Terrace is 'blue plaqued' as the place where Lewis Carroll resided during his many visits to Whitby. The hotel is furnished with vintage and antique finds from auctions, flea markets and car boots. With a definite nod to Alice we are hoping to create a similar Wonderland feel as La Rosa Campsite.

More boudoir than boutique, there are eight double rooms each with a distinctive La Rosa style and theme:

•Lewis: Imagining Carroll's study
•Sacre Coeur: Romance is sacred
•Little Red: Angela Carter not Disney
•Saloon: Cowgirl Heaven
•Stoker: The view that inspired Bram
•La Rosa: Fit for a swan princess
•Caravan: Homage to life on the road
•Arabesque: Inside the genie's bottle

Crows' Nest

In addition to these rooms we have The Crows' Nest, a self contained space in the attic of the building suitable for groups of up to six people. There are three bedrooms, a living room with TV and DVD player, crockery and a dressing-up box.

Tea Room

The hotel has a tea room, where, as well as having magnificent sea views, guests are able to browse display cabinets of curios and kitsch-like wonders inspired by the amazing Whitby Museum.

The tea room with catering is available for private hire by groups between 5pm and 10pm where our famous La Rosa tea parties can be provided for up to 12 people.


The hotel will have the same green policy as the campsite, which is: buy second hand, make do and mend, more Wombles than eco warriors, more Steptoe than Selfridges.

Toiletries are all hand-made using quality natural ingredients.

All the paints we use are low odour where possible and our wallpapers are vintage.

We hope the hotel will spread the word gently at the same time as offering good old fashioned seaside fun to all who sail in her.


La Rosa Hotel is designed to be a place of romance, fun and escapism. We have great books as well as free internet access in the library.

All our double rooms are ensuite - 6 with baths and 2 with showers. The Crows Nest has one ensuite shower room as well as a separate bathroom and toilet.


Breakfast is a "picnic in bed" hamper delivered to your door containing an assortment of goodies. Our tea room opens from noon each day.

As with La Rosa Campsite we aim to welcome people of all types except racists, bigots or puritans. We encourage peaceful groups and can accommodate up to twenty two people.

Saturday morning at La Terrasse du Metropole

Saturday morning at La Terrasse du Metropole

Typical Saturday morning in Hanoi. Two photographers, a model, a bell-boy and an amused onlooker.

La Terrasse du Metropole: tracing its origins back to 1911, La Terrasse du Metropole duplicates the look and feel of a typical Parisian sidewalk cafe, providing a unique and pleasant oasis of French culture in Hanoi.

15 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
5 Stars

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good hotels in la

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